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About Us

Neillrae Music, established in 1961, by Ray and Libby Winkler, is now operated by their daughter, Bette Winkler Hodges.

Neillrae Music is most renowned for the song, Welcome To My World, which was co-written by Ray Winkler, who wrote the memorable lyrics, and John Hathcock, who conceived the memorable melody. First recorded by the late Jim Reeves, who co-published it, Welcome To My World has had an amazing lifespan and has been covered by such legends as Eddie Arnold and Elvis Presley. Recently Raul Malo, former lead singer of the Mavericks, included an extended version in his album, After Hours.

Neillrae Music continues to publish and pitch songs. It is very active and currently has high hopes for a number of songs in its catalog.


View the tribute video to Ray Winkler.


Ray Winkler     RaY and Libby

Ray and Libby Winkler

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