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  Aubrey Freeman


Mexia, Texas was the birthplace of legendary songwriter Cindy Walker.  Also hailing from there is Aubrey Freeman.  Aubrey becanme a barber by profession. In 1950, aged 28, never having written any lyrics in his life, a song title came to him by inspiration.

He had been playing guitar since the age of 11 and got out his instrument to strum the tune that came to him in a dream. Aubrey then paid to record the song at Jim Beck's studio in Dallas.


Jim Beck was so impressed with "You Want Everything But Me" that he got Lefty Frizzell, whom he had discovered, to cut it at his first recording session.


It appeared on the album "Look What Thoughts Will Do."  Aubrey cut Lefty's hair on a regular basis and through him learned more about the craft of writing great songs until Lefty left for Hollywood.


Lefty recorded two further Aubrey songs which were released in albums: "Cold Feet" and "When Payday Comes Around."


Aubrey's song "Optimistic" was picked up by Neillrae Music and successfully pitched to Skeeter Davis who recoreded it in 1961.  It was released as a single, with "Blueberry Hill" on the backside and climbed all the way to #4 on the Billboard chart.


Aubrey still cuts hair (Pavillion Barbers, Richardson, Texas) and writes songs. He is happily married to wife Ann.


Aubrey continues his association with Neillrae Music and there are high hopes for several compoisitions which have "hit" written all over them.

Songs by Aubrey Freeman


Love of an Angel

Streets of Gold

No Tellin' Where She's Motelin'

What Happened to the Love





Aubrey Freeman  
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