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Karen Anderson


             karen Anderson tribute

Dedication to Ray Winkler

"Welcome to My World" is a tribute to my friend Ray Winkler, his life and love for music. Part of the proceeds from the sale of "Welcome to My World" will be donated to the Diabetes Association. Many thanks to Libby Winkler, who helped make this CD a reality. Color photos: Rick Smith; B&W photos: Bijan, Libby Winkler. Art Direction: Robert Greeson for Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas, TX. Recorded at Sumet Burnet Studios, Dallas, Texas. Musicians: The Dallas Cats, lead by Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery. Produced by Ray Winkler, Marvin Montgomery and Karen Anderson.

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The Flood Song


Karen Anderson

"I had the privilege and honor of working with Ray Winkler over about a ten year period in the 1990's. He was looking for that next big hit song. He taught me so many things. One was to write songs that convey the most emotion and content with the fewest words. Another is to match the right song to the right singer. The most important was "never give up." Ray believed in me, more than I believed in myself sometimes. I will always remember Ray and his family and know that I was blessed to get the chance to work with him." Karen Anderson

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